Stock Plans

Stock plans are plans that American Design Concepts has drawn for previous customers. These plans are available for purchase. As a practice, American Design Concepts does not resell a house plan(s) in or around any location where said plan may have been built. Therefore, American Design Concepts reserves the right to refuse the sale of any stock plan.

Custom Plans

American Design Concepts also creates custom home plans from your original ideas. We take your “napkin drawings” and home ideas to create working construction drawings. Please contact us for more information and pricing of this service.

Plan Pricing

Stock plans are priced at flat rates.  See purchase options on each stock plan page.  Custom plan pricing is based off of the finished square footage of the home.  Please contact us for current custom home design pricing.

Modify Existing Plan

American Design Concepts can tailor any plan to meet your needs and style. Fill out the information below to get your free estimate.


Modification Request

ADC plans are often tailored to the individual and their lot. Whether it is expanding/contracting floor plans, adjusting basement exposure, or even changing the exterior facade to get the style you want, we can do it. Set up a quick complimentary phone meeting to discuss what you're looking for in a dream house and how we can help you achieve that.

Making Changes

During our complimentary phone call, together we will decide how to best move forward with your project. If only simple changes are needed, the phone call my be sufficient enough to update your plan. Many times people do have larger changes that are most efficiently completed in a longer sit down meeting, either through Zoom or in office.

Receive Revised Plan

We will make all of the requested changes per your notes and our conversations/meetings. Through a series of revisions, your new custom plan will be finished per your specifications. If you have any more changes during the bidding/building process just reach out to our team and we will make any additional changes.

Modification Request

If you would like to purchase one of our stock plans, but have a few changes to make, please get in contact with one of our drafters today! We can set you up with a complimentary phone meeting to discuss what you are looking for in a dream home and how we can best assist you in getting there.


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If you have any questions, please check out our FAQS page or fill out our request info form.

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